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About Covenant Home Builders

Damon and Nicole Martinez are all about faith and family. 

They have been married for over 16 years and have four beautiful girls.  They’re passionate about their faith in Jesus Christ, family, hard work, building homes and helping people create their next family home.

Their mission is to help you attain your dream home by providing service to you with the utmost integrity.  There are many defining moments in life and one of them is finding the home of your dreams, no matter how big or small, or whether it’s your first or fifteenth.  They realize your home is the place you will rest, and gather with your family.  It is their joy and pleasure to be a part of that experience with you.



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We had a wonderful experience building with Mr. Martinez. We recommend anybody to build a home with him.

Mr. Martinez was always on site keeping us updated about our home. The thing we love the most – he is a praying man. He prayed over our property and at home before we started building the house and also prayed when the house was completed. But during the build it was a very good experience and everything went well. If he saw any problems or anything he fixed things as he went.

Thank you for Building our new home
Working with CHB, Damon Martinez, was a great experience from start to finish. We signed the contract to purchase the house while it was in the framing stage. CHB gave us freedom to choose all finishes from top to bottom.

Damon gave professional advice on selecting certain finishes that we would not have enjoyed after the material was installed, which we greatly appreciate now! Covenant Home Builders is a smaller residential company that fully invests in each build. Saying that, Covenant Home Builders held their trades to nothing less than a top notch product. I would recommend building with CHB over any big time residential company that does not fully invest into each home.

Thank you Covenant Home Builders for the patience, perseverance, and transparency throughout this process to build our home where we will start our family.
I had met with many builders previous to meeting with Damon. As soon as I met him I could tell he was genuine and trustworthy. He was passionate about his job and open to my ideas. Many builders I came across had their own vision and didn’t care to hear what I wanted. Damon and I bounced ideas back and forth and he built my family the most beautiful house. Damon prayed over our process many times. We built in the middle of the COVID pandemic and it went so smoothly. I had the best experience.

This home has been a wonderful blessing to our family. Thank you!!!
The home we purchased was designed and built by Damon Martinez. He went all out on our home and the attention to detail was amazing. All business transactions we had with Damon and Nicole were great. Damon even mowed the lawn the day before we moved in!
Chance Bland
When we decided to buy a home, this was the first one we looked at and fell in love! We never looked at any other houses. We're still in love with our home today.
Felicia Gamble